SNOBS address:

SNOBS president
Henrik Rosenberg
Änggatan 15
S-256 56 Helsingborg

Phone: (+46) 707 919 319


Benefit Summary
This non-profit organization was founded in 1981 and is the hub that links 8 choruses, some 20 quartets and in total approximately 250 individuals throughout the Nordic countries. As a member of SNOBS you also become an affiliate member of the Barbershop Harmony Society (BHS) - the world’s largest allmale singing society. The BHS organization (formerly SPEBSQSA) was founded in 1938 and is in itself the hub that links 16 districts, over 800 chapters, thousands of quartets, and nearly 30,000 individuals throughout North America. It also links the non-American affiliates with some 7 000 members throughout the world (of which SNOBS is one).

For the fee of (currently) 225 SEK the membership provides many benefits:
  • access to the “members area” at SNOBS website (
  • access to the “members area” at the BHS website ( - a very dynamic and useful website
  • bi-monthly magazine (the Harmonizer)
  • weekly and monthly electronic newsletters (see more under “publications below)
  • how-to publications, and electronic messaging keep members abreast of news and current developments. (see more under “publications below)
  • Access to sheet music and learning tracks to common barbershop music
  • Membership pricing on all products on the Harmony Marketplace including sheet music, learning tracks, merchandise etc etc (
  • SNOBS and BHS conventions, district schools, chapter officer training programs
  • the highly successful Harmony College and Directors College, which provide opportunities for leadership, musical, membership and performance development and a forum for the exchange of new ideas. Encouraging vocal music in our schools and committees is a fundamental ideal of the Society and keeps music and the arts more relevant in these times of diminished focus and funding

Musical directors, administrators, arrangers, composers, music educators, singers, and fans of barbershop harmony can stay current with the latest news and information in this field through the benefits of membership.

Perpetuate and celebrate harmony
  • In the barbershop style
  • Promote fellowship and friendship among men of good will
  • Provide the opportunity to experience the joy of four-part a cappella singing
  • Introduce and sustain music in the lives of people everywhere

  • The joy of singing and ringing chords in four-part barbershop harmony
  • Fellowship and friendship
  • Service to others through our music

  • Subscription to The Harmonizer Magazine – The Barbershop Harmony Society’s bi-monthly magazine, The Harmonizer, features interviews and profiles; chapter, chorus, quartet, and affiliate organizational news and activities; opinion and commentary; coverage of the International and Midwinter Conventions; leadership strategies; marketing, membership, performance development, and meeting programming techniques; advice on artistic issues; and free music in the form of a new “tag” in each issue.
  • Subscription to Livewire – The Barbershop Harmony Society’s weekly electronic newsletter, with timely news; links to important sources of information; training program updates; and tools you can put to immediate use. (You need to sign up for this feature.)
  • Subscription to Directly Involved – The Barbershop Harmony Society’s electronic newsletter, published quarterly, with timely news; links to important sources of information; training program updates; and tools to help chorus directors improve their skills and the enjoyment of their singers. (You need to sign up for this feature.)